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Day Twenty-Three: Water shall prevail

Who: Oryon, open
Where: Dorms, Cafeteria
When: Early to Mid Morning
Rating: ...Harmless
Invasion: Only if you dare...

Status: Open
Summary: He does still exist...promise.

Honestly, he was convinced he were dead. Or at least that's how the water mutant felt as of late. With at least on advantage to not knowing that many people, no one had come to check on him since he hasn't been making himself known around the vicinity. Though vaguely aware of the fact that there have been some changes among the enrollment he wasn't about to seek anything out. In-act the only time he had left his own dorm was to drop off the trophy to the winner of the wet t-shirt contest that was held. Other than that the sick one had bottled himself up so that if this cold of his were contagious he wouldn't be out spreading some sort of thing as if it were an epidemic. That was the last thing he needed to be held over his head.

Come to think of it, a hot water bottle over his head might be something he should look into. Might assist in breaking of his fever, or at least the fever he was convinced he had. Regardless he was determined to venture out of his dorm today. At least for the sake of getting food. He was pretty sure his stomach could handle it by now as well as the contagious stage should be over. He'd holed himself up long enough to ensure that. Lazily throwing on a pair of shorts and not even bothering with a shirt he urged himself out of his dorm and down the flights of stairs before being level with the main ground.

Dragging himself towards the cafeteria, he rustled himself up a small and easy breakfast and found himself a seat within a quiet non-high traffic area so that he could watch what was going on. His location didn't give him off as unapproachable, but he also didn't want to be in direct contact with everyone and everything that would be making their way to get food. Then again that was typical Oryon behavior, staying out of the way for the most part. Not that he was always like that, just when he didn't feel good; those were the times when he didn't want to be overly surrounded by people. Not that he'd give someone the cold shoulder, it was a quirk of his. One of many so to speak..



She was still kind of thinking about Tristan and the discussion they'd had. Was glad that she'd set things to rights - or as right as they were going to get, anyways - though she'd really rather not run into either him or Remus any time soon, especially not the way she'd last seen them. Some images just didn't get out of your mind.

Tonks snagged an orange from the smorgasbord of both familiar and unfamiliar, she tossed it in the air as she considered the rest of the fare, eventually taking a tray and loading up a few things before turning to find a seat. Ory's seemed as likely as any, really, and she made her way over.

"This seat taken?" she asked with a half grin, chin jerking up in greeting, brows elevating questioningly.
Ory almost didn't hear the question. He was in his own little world of sorts, at least the world where his family still existed. It'd been a while since he last thought about them, and that unsettled him. Meant he was adjusting and accepting this place more than what he originally had planned. Then again he really didn't mind staying here, just as long as his family was still alive and safe. Hell, if there were a way to pledge a lifetime of service in trade for his family being restored and protected, he'd probably go for it.

Finally his brain allowed him to realize that someone was speaking to him. With his head popping up from the bowl of..well he wasn't quite so sure exactly he had put together but all he was doing was poking it with his spoon. Eyes shifted upwards to regard the question.

"Hm? Nah. It's not taken."

Lifting his glass filled with water, he took a sip only to be disappointed by how warm it had gotten, had he really been sitting there for that long? Not thinking anything of it, he simply flexed and un-flexed his hand as his eye tone shifted; just long enough to create a small amount of water to freeze it and plunk it into the class. Instant ice cubes. So what if it was personal gain, at least it was harmless.
"Brilliant," she replied as she sat, beginning to systematically peel her orange, "I'm Tonks by the ... way ..." She trailed off as he made himself the human equivalent of an ice maker. Grinning, she flicked dark eyes to him. "Guess I don't need to ask what your specialty is, huh?"

She raised her brows teasingly and continued with the orange, discarding the peel - which she'd managed to get into the shame of an elephant's head - on her tray. Prying the fruit apart, she popped a segment in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully before speaking again.

"So is there more to it?" she asked before realizing she should speak in full sentences and shaking her head, "More than just ice, I mean."
"Oryon." He inwardly smirked at the apparent distraction from using his ability, or at least learning to some extent at what he could do. "Kinda like the constellation only..cooler." He may be coming off a cold, but he still had his cockiness. At least he didn't say he was hotter than Orion the hunter. That was a whole other argument he was going to avoid. That and he didn't feel like stroking his ego that much. Not yet at least.

Though it was his turn to be caught mildly off guard with the way the orange peel had formed, though he decided against asking. Maybe she has a thing for oranges, and just got really good at taking the skin off. Either way, not something he was planning on inquiring about.

"Full control of water. Essentially speaking." He offered a small smile, still amused by how openly he could talk about his mutant ability, where he came from if he did that he'd be in a world of well..he already knew.
She raised her brows, suitably impressed.

"Ah, so that would have been you at the wet t-shirt contest then," she noted with a grin, "Good to know. Much easier than an aguamenti."

She wondered if this was a 'show-you-mine-show-me-yours' kind of situation and decided it might be. Flicking her hair colour from blue to hot pink without so much as batting an eyelash, she waited to see if he'd remark. Fishing? Oh, more than likely.
That smirk came forth at the recognition for the contest. "Yeah. That would have been me." He noted to himself that he probably shouldn't be so proud of that fact, it's not like he knew if she was linked to any of the women that participated whether it be via friendship...or even relationship. Granted it wasn't asked out of hostility, still Oryon should be a little more careful with his enthusiasm sometimes. It was bound to get him in trouble one of these days.

His head canted to the side a bit to further take in the change of hair color, and he knew better than to ask what his mind was reeling but he was too far ahead of himself to stop. He was most likely going to regret this, and prepared himself for either some sort of verbal or physical attack.

"So..nifty little trick... carpet change too?
She paused with her spoon half way to her mouth, milk from the cereal dripping off it into the bowl as she stared at him a moment. That ... had so not been the question she'd expected. Plunking the spoon back in the bowl, she rested both forearms on the table and eyed him levelly, leaning forward a bit as if imparting some big secret.

"Technically? I can change everything." She paused and sat back, picking up her spoon again. "Carpet too," she added with a wink, raising her brows in a light show of ego as she happily munched her cereal.

Sure, she could have made a big deal about it and gone all spunk and spitfire on him, but the truth was ... she found it kind of humorous. And she sort of wondered why no one had ever asked that before.
A soft chuckle left the mutant's mouth as he watched the milk dribble until she set the spoon back where it came from. He grinned almost like that of a child in a giant toy store as she leaned forward. Definitely no the reaction he was expecting unless she was leaning in closer for the kill. Giving her the benefit of the doubt he curiously leaned closer, you know, in case she wasn't gonna announce it to the whole cafeteria.

He laughed as she spoke and leaned back. Though when the confirmation of the carpet change he nearly choked on his own breakfast but managed to play it off as coughing due to his cold. Somehow he didn't think she'd fall for it but can't blame a guy for trying.

Usually Ory would have been content with an answer like that, but this wouldn't be the case. Oh no. Not in the least. His brain chemicals must be all screwed up that or he was just getting more ballsy.

"Really? Prove it." He grinned and gave her a wink of his own as he crossed his arms over his bare chest. Waiting to see the reaction he'd get.
She tried a scowl but it broke too easily and she laughed, launching an orange slice at him.

"We're in a cafeteria," she pointed out, "I don't think the whole bloody place needs to see my knickers or what's under them." She took a sip of pumpkin juice, watching him over the glass. "Guess you're just going to have to take my word for it."

Just because she could, she flicked her hair to green, possibly just to tease him a little bit. Maybe she was perking up after all.
He tried to duck the orange slice but due to the close proximity of it all, he failed and it thwacked him in the forehead. Well at least she had decent aim. He just prayed she never held a gun to him. Taking the slice he flung it back at her, missing her on purpose.

"There are plenty of closed doors around here. Or you know, dorm rooms. Yours. Mine. Someone random if your up for that much of an adventure." Now would be the time for him to shut up, but perhaps the days spent closed off in his own dorm made him less leery about other people since he deprived himself of social interaction for a while.
She laughed when the orange slice hit him, almost encouraged enough to have a go with another one. Well, she'd see. They did say you shouldn't play with your food.

"You could at least buy me dinner and drinks first," she pointed out, gesturing with her spoon, "Though I suppose it's not every day a lady gets propositioned over breakfast."

Though really, she wasn't getting propositioned at all, for that matter. Her fiance - or, well, he wasn't here, obviously - was shagging some other bloke and she honestly hadn't been around enough people for that sort of thing to ... well, for lack of a better term, come up.

"I hear walls are the in thing, actually," she noted, "I prefer something slightly more subtle, but each to his own."

She shrugged and wondered why she was even considering it, however vaguely.
"Breakfast is as good as any dinner." He grinned before getting up and jogging over to pick up a spare glass before making his way back to his seat. Setting the structure down he flexed his fist again, this time the hue of his eyes darkening more so than when he created the ice cubes. With a ball of water forming he would tilt his hand and guide the water into the glass, filling it nearly to the brim. "And there...a drink" sarcasm, so sue him.

"Walls? Really? Inner or outer?" His mind was officially stuck in the gutter. Nor did he even bother trying to correct his question. He'd let her take that which ever way she pleased.
She had to laugh. Had to. Partly because it was just to early in her day to do much else and partly because ... well hell, that had been amusing.

"Breakfast and a drink," she mused, "How quaint. Let's hope you don't cheap out on dessert."

She let that dangle a moment, tucking stray strands of once again fuschia hair behind her ear.

"The walls in the hallways, usually," she returned innocently enough though the way her smile turned vaguely dirty suggested she might have taken it another way as well.
Taking the cue, Ory looked for a fairly doable shot with a striped ball. He managed to bank the nine ball off a side, off another ball and miraculously into a corner pocket. That wasn't skill. That was luck. Eying up another strip with a perfectly lined shot, he tapped the ball into the desired pocket. Two in a row. Not bad for having cobwebs.

"Somehow..I don't remember being this lucky." He chuckled as tried another shot. No luck, cue ball managed to skip over his intended target and clipped another ball, just missing the pocket. At least he didn't scratch that was a plus.

"Ah well the rust has taken over." He held the cue out to her, signaling it was her turn once more seeing as how he missed.
She accepted the cue and paced around the table a bit before lining up her next shot, sinking it due to the simple fact that it was an easy shot. Her next one didn't go so well, though; she managed to jump the table, the cue ball making a loud thup as it hit the carpet.

"Sorry," she grinned sheepishly as she ran to retrieve it, "I got a little excited."
"I can see that." He offered a flashy smile. "Take my shot for me."

Sure he wanted to play, but first he wanted to work out the kink in his back. What better way to do so? Stretching. Finding a table hockey set up he lowered himself into mid push-up position only to arch himself upward.

It wasn't until he felt all the muscles pull and his spine crack that he uprighted himself with a mile grin of satisfaction. That wasn't the extent of it though. He cast a quick glance at her before working out the rest of the kinks he sustained from staying in his dorm for too long.
"You're messing up my shot," she murmured as she leaned to line it up, pausing to glance over to him, "There's no way I can concentrate if I'm watching you do that."

She grinned and kept her eye on the ball long enough to hit it and miss again. Frowning, she wondered if she was getting any better or if she just plain lacked the hand eye coordination for this.

"Think you've got the next one or did you want me to handle it for you?" she ventured.
"Then don't watch me?" He grinned as he stretched out more, tensing out the muscles in his arms before bracing himself against the table again. "Unless you see something you like?"

He turned to snag another pool cue, making it easier this way so that they wouldn't have to swap back and forth. Made the game go at least a fraction of a second quicker.

"Yeah. I got this one." Half leaning over the table to get a shot, it was the only way it'd line up right, he plunked the cue ball against another strip sending it spinning into a pocket. Another difficult shot lined up he was beginning to think the Gods were against him. With a bit of luck maybe he could pull this off. Putting the cue stick behind his back, he lined up and tapped the white ball. Watching it bank off two corners and sending a solid into the pocket. Flashy? Yes. Effective? Not for him.
"You're strutting around without a shirt, mate," she pointed out, "I'm not blind and I can hardly be blamed for ogling that little display just there."

She watched him play, suppressing a pout. Billiards? Clearly not her game. But she bet she'd trump him at Quidditch. Granted, he might not even be able to fly a broom but that wasn't the point. Somewhere in there, she managed to make a rather naughty broom joke in her mind and grinned a bit.

"You certainly do," she murmured appreciatively.
"Would you prefer I run up to my dorm and put one on?" Just for that he added an extra flex.

While sure he didn't mind showing off, but it more effective when he was actually sinking the balls into the pockets. For now all he could do it just try and make it look cool. That still didn't change the fact that he missed the past shot.

"You're turn..."
"I think I can handle it," she assured him, "Though it does make one wonder if you could if the situation were reversed."

Leaving him to think about that, she took a shot, sinking one ball and lining up another. They weren't particularly pretty shots but good enough despite the fact that the second failed to net any balls for her.

"I don't think you're throwing me that off my game," she noted with a grin.
A cheshire grin tugged at his lips as he advanced towards her. Keeping himself mere inches from her as blue hues locked onto her features. Not even paying attention to the layout of the balls. One advantage to lining up his shot along the way. Setting the cue stick to where he wanted it, he never once tore his eyes from her, grin widening as he cocked his arm back and sunk two balls in one shot. Both stripes.

It was almost as if he were silently inviting her to try and distract him, or to rattle his game. Having to move to the other side of her, he opted for something a little different. With his arms settling on either side he cast his eyes over her shoulder to line up his shot, with another tap, in went another stripe.

His stripe count was getting lower and soon he'd be able to work on the eight ball however that were if his next shot hadn't missed. He wasn't even trying for this one nor did he aim, though he did manage to skim the cue ball along a stripe, it just didn't have enough oomph to sink it.
Tonks stood, sucked in by his performance as he practically worked around her, too entranced to do any kind of distracting. When he missed, she crossed her arms over her chest and stuck out her tongue impetuously.

"Show off," she muttered, "You should keep going; you're going to win anyways."

And frankly, it was more fun to watch him than to make her own haphazard attempts.
"Don't stick it out unless you plan on using it." He chuckled as he turned his back on her for a second, long enough to snag the chalk up his cue.

"Well then start sinking some balls there..." He let that one hang. Let her handle it how ever she pleased.

Again it was her shot, so he leaned back perching his arms against his chest with his pool stick resting against him.
"You want me to lick you?" she teased with a grin, lining up a shot before glancing up, "I didn't know you were into that."

Granted she didn't know he wasn't into it either. Grinning to that, she sunk a ball.

"There," she said, "Sunk a ball. Or was that ... not what you had in mind?"

She raised a brow and moved around the table to line up another shot.
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