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and_snow_fell in dauphinmare

Day Twenty-three: The Grass was Greener

Who: Bad Horse, Faith
Where: outside, nearish the forest
When: Late morning
Rating: N

Status: Closed, completed
Summary: The horse likes his grass. He meets Faith and discovers she is from Riverfell as well; the pair chat a bit before BH realizes that he's being mocked a bit for having singing minions, and he wanders off.

It had been a weird sort of transition. He hadn't been completely asleep, but merely dozing outside the barracks when suddenly he was outside a larger, taller building.

He'd studied it as well as he could before deciding that yes, this was not Riverfell with a makeover ... he was on the other side.

The grass here was better, he noticed. Riverfell had sparse, sour grass, and not much of it. This place was full of lush grass - and lots of it.

He'd grazed his way happily through most of the night before finding the pond hidden in the woods - it wasn't as though he could drink from the ocean, after all.

More or less sated, he'd taken to exploring around a bit. Finding an apple tree in the orchard, he'd indulged in one or two - but not enough to make himself sick. He thought, really, if he could simply find some minions to groom him, he'd be all set.


His ears pinned slightly before he sighed. She was mocking him, wasn't she? "Perhaps I shall investigate that, later," he said arrogantly before he lashed his tail a couple of times. "Right now, I'm feeling a bit thirsty, so I think I'll go have another drink."

And perhaps when he came back, she would have vacated, and he could try to find some proper minions on his own. Honestly. Some people.
Faith did make a solid effort to restrain her chuckles - she couldn't help it! It was funny to her! - and moved to follow if Bad Horse started to move away, being careful to steer clear of his hooves so he couldn't lash out at her.

"Oh come on!" she called out. "I'm sorry, that was rude. You gotta understand where I'm coming from though, right? I mean - in my world? It's all demons and vamps and there's not a whole lot of singing going on, right?"

She did slow her steps though if he chose to ignore her. What did she care? She'd find someone else to talk to.
"I do understand," he said. "I simply do not appreciate being mocked, or having my methods of communication questioned. I much prefer to let my minions sing for me, rather than speaking to people myself. It destroys a bit of the mystique, you see."

He sighed. "But I do believe I need to go have that drink, now. It was good to meet you..." well, more or less. "And perhaps we will encounter one another later."
Faith was still smiling slightly, but nodded her head, "Fair enough," she allowed. "For the record though, wasn't meaning to mock. I really meant that there might be some folks over here that you might recognize and be able to fight, or take on as minions or whatever. I just think it's funny. But it's cool - I get how that could make you upset or whatever, and I can let you have your..." she waved her hand, dropping back as she started to take some slow steps backward. "Drink, or whatever."

She shrugged her shoulders, and nodded once more to him before she started to move away. She really did hope that she hadn't offended him, because she really didn't mean to. But honestly, singing cowboys? For the leader of the Evil League of Evil, Bad Horse? How wasn't that funny?
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