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hearth_n_home in dauphinmare

RP: Waking

Who: Hestia Jones, open
Where: The dorms then outside no doubt.
When: Late morning
Rating: no idea
Invasion: Please

Hestia woke slowly, at first pulling the covers over her head and burying further into her pillow. The light was insistent though, and she sighed before sitting up and looked around. This wasn't her room. The bed was the same, but everything else. She frowned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. That didn't make any sense. She got out of bed, the t-shirt she'd gone to sleep with sliding down to her knees as she moved.

Moving to the window, she looked out, surprised to see a beach from her window. Her flat had never been this close to the beach, and she knew Marseilles' coast like the back of her hand. It didn't look like this. Turning around, she scanned the room and found her wand resting on the night stand. She picked it up  and ran her fingers along the smooth wood. Well, that was something.

She looked around the room again before spotting a note. She picked it up off the desk and scanned it. It made little sens to her, other than the fact that she had indeed been brought here. She wondered who would be so cruel as to name their child Icenetari, but other than that, it didn't have any answers. Sighing she looked through the drawers of the dresser, annoyed that none of her clothes were there more than anything. She did however manage to find a tanktop and jeans that fit, along with some underwear. That was something. She sighed and looked around again before going into the bathroom.

Once she was clean, she left the room, shoving her and and then her hands in her pockets. Just where was she? She made her way out of what she guessed was a giant  apartment building or dorm and then outside, blinking at the bright sunlight. She blinked and shut her eyes. God, how she hated sunlight. She stopped and turned in a circle, looking around. Where the hell was this place?


"You are from Riverfell or you are new."

The tone came inflectionlessly from a petite innocent enough looking girl as she strode toward the dorms. She wore a tanktop, jeans and combat boots and looked as unassuming as one can if you didn't look too closely. Those more observant would note that she didn't breathe or blink except when she remembered to and that her movements were just shy of being fluid enough to be passably human.

Cameron came to a halt before Hestia, scanning her before speaking again.

"You are too confused to be from Riverfell," she decided, "Did you read the letter?"
Hestia turned at the voice, blinking in the harsh light before focusing on the young woman. There was something off about her, though Hestia couldn't exactly put her finger on it. That her tone was so flat though didn't bode well. She gave a wry grin. "Yes, I suppose I am new."

The woman came closer, but the feeling that something was off about the woman only increased. "Yes, I read the letter. It didn't make all that much sense though, I'm afraid." She shrugged before holding out her hand. "I'm Hestia Jones. You are?"
Cameron accepted Hestia's hand, shaking it firmly but briefly and dropping her hand back to her side.

"Cameron Phillips," she replied, "If you require answers, town hall is the ideal location. I can assist in the meantime if you would like."

She gazed impassively and unblinkingly to the woman, awaiting a response.
Hestia let her hand fall back too. "Nice to mee you, Cameron." It was an interesting name for a girl, but she wasn't sure the woman could take a joke, so she didn't bother to mention it. Besides, they'd only just met.

"The town hall, you say? I might just head over there. Where is it?" She looked around a moment before turning back to Cameron. "I'd take any help I could get really. Just what is this place anyway?"

It was a bit strange really, but she didn't feel that sense of dread in the back of her mind, not yet. Where ever she was seemed to be safe, if her instincts could be trusted.
Cameron raised an arm in the direction of the hall without sparing the building a glance.

"It's the biggest building in town," she replied before launching into an explanation. "This is DauphinMare, a world between worlds. You have been pulled to the side of Order because you possess a skill that the Powers That Be feel is required to fight the side of Chaos."

She blinked then, having remembered to do so, and waited for the potential barrage of questions to come.
Hestia frowned over that a moment. "Dolphin Sea? All right then." She looked over toward the courthouse. Largest building, she could remember that. She looked back at the woman, she couldn't decide what was stranger. The woman, or what she was saying.

Focusing on the latter first, Hestia said, "Fight the side of Chaos? The side of Order? I'm sorry, but could you be a little more, I don't know, specific. I'm a chef, not a fighter. The only order I know is the order of a kitchen." Not expressly true, but Hestia didn't think of her time in the order of the phoenix as fighting, and she didn't talk about things like that with strangers.

Speaking of strangers, Hestia decided that the woman's uncanny habit of not blinking was more than a little unnerving. How did she even manage that? Hestia wasn't sure she wanted to ask.
"That is specific," she pointed out, "I do not pick who is called; no one here does. I do not know for what reason or talent you were chosen either. You can inquire at the town hall but they do not necessarily have all the answers."

Cameron paused to let Hestia absorb that.

"You may not be required for combat," she continued, "There are those who have other capabilities, such as medicine. You may be a catalyst for someone else."

She gazed to Hestia impassively, standing just a little too still, her gaze just a little too steady.
Hestia frowned. Well, that was a less than satisfactory answer. She supposed she would have to venture up to the town hall for more answers. "What else can you tell me then? What are we on sides for? Who's the other side?"

There was something cold about the other woman, as though she lacked the vivacity that came with genuinely being alive. It was hard for Hestia to understand. Had something happened to her? Was this a part of being here? She shrugged. "I'm not a healer." She paused. "What's a catalyst then?"

There were a lot of words flying around. Words she wasn't sure she understood.
"The other side is Chaos," she explained, "The Powers That Be are attempting to determine the superior force. They are using us as pawns to wage their war."

Had she been human, she might have wondered at whether or not this was getting anywhere or her words were falling on deaf ears. As it was, Cameron was perfectly content to continue to field questions.

"A catalyst is someone who is here to trigger or ground another person," she continued, "Some of the residents are volatile or unpredictable without their catalysts but still necessary to our cause. The Powers bring in another individual to keep them in check. We have a few here."
Cameron's speech was very formal, and Hestia wondered if it had something to do with how she was raised, or if English wasn't her first language. Then she wondered what was, because she didn't have an accent. She frowned at the words themselves though. The very last thing Hestia wanted to do was fight in another war. "Why? Why is there a war?"

It was a bunch of stupid questions, and she knew it, but this wasn't making sense to her, no matter how it was said. It was as though Cameron was speaking Chinese.

Hearing about the catalyst was to say the least interesting. "And how does a catalyst trigger or ground someone?" She had some idea, as far as human interaction went, but she wanted to hear it from her mouth.
"There is a war because the Powers wish to compete," she replied, "We are pawns."

Cameron shrugged one shoulder in imitation of the movements she'd seen others make. She speculated that she might not be the right person to answer Hestia's queries but forged on anyways.

"A catalyst that triggers another individual assists them in reaching their true potential. Some residents have powers that are difficult to contain or control or have not been realized yet," she explained, "A catalyst that grounds another individual is a staying point for someone else. Some of our more volatile residents require a reason to remain on our side or to channel their abilities."

She paused.

"I could introduce you to some if you would like, however I am not certain they are all here at the moment," she offered.
"More than a little troubling." She looked over at her. "People just accept this?" It seemed all a little beyond her at this point. The woman just shrugged, and Hestia sighed. Lovely, just lovely.

Hearing about the catalyst was very odd, and she wasn't sure the detail was any help, but it was a start at least. "It's their relationship that does that, I take it?" She frowned. "So I could have been brought here by some cosmic pimp to be a catalyst for someone." She made a face. "That's comforting I'm sure."

Though, if that were the case, it did make her wonder just who she'd been brought here for. She shook her head, best not to consider that. It was vaguely horrifying. "That'd be nice. Any help you could give me, I'd really appreciate." The woman was trying to be nice, she would keep that in mind before biting her head off.
"Eventually," she agreed, "You can request to be returned home but there is always a chance you will be pulled back."

She remained silent through Hestia's commentary regarding catalysts and eventually nodded to the request for help.

"I believe Pepper Potts is still here," she ventured, "She is a catalyst. We have many different types of resident here. It may be beneficial to meet all kinds."

She blinked.

"Our psychic is unavailable so you will have to check in manually," she informed Hestia, "You may want to do that before we venture further."
"Eventually is a long time." Hestia sighed and brushed her hair from her face. Returning home, even though it was an option that Cameron mentioned, didn't seem like a good idea. No, she would have to make do with whatever she had here.

Hestia nodded at the woman's offer. She still seemed standoffish to Hestia, but she was being genuinely helpful. Hestia liked that. Attitude could easily be overlooked if the actions were right, and these seemed right to her. "I'd appreciate meeting this Pepper person, or anyone else you could introduce me to."

"Check in? Over at the town hall? All right I guess." She looked over to it before glancing back at Cameron. "Mind coming with me, until I get my bearings in this place?" She was pretty sure the woman had offered, but hestia asked, because it was the polite thing to do.
"I will accompany you," she agreed, "This way."

She was certain Hestia would be able to find the Town Hall on her own but Cameron led the way anyways, offering the woman something in the way of a small smile before turning to lead her to the hall. She speculated that any newcomers today would be more displaced by the goings on in DauphinMare than usual, though that could be said of any day the town was charged with a task or challenge.

"It may be a difficult day for you," she offered as they walked, "People here are more distressed than usual."
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